Basic Education

Basic education is a nine-year general education. Compulsory education comprises years 1-9 and is intended for the whole age group (7-16 years old). During the first six years the education is provided by the class teacher, who teaches all or most subjects. During the last three years separate subjects are usually taught by different subject teachers.

Basic education is also available for adults, and is provided by general upper secondary schools for adults and adult education centres.

Secondary education

Municipally provided upper secondary level instruction is free of charge. Apart from upper secondary schools, there is a three-year basic vocational education alternative comprising both general education subjects and vocational training instruction.

Higher education

Higher education in Finland has two parallel sectors. Universities conduct scientific research, and provide undergraduate and postgraduate education based on research. Universities of Applied Sciences offer professionally oriented higher education. There is one higher education institution in Kemi (Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences).

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